Everyone is talking about texting! Many photo booths have the ability to send images via text but it takes a bit of setting up before you can join the band wagon. If you aren't very tech savvy then it can seem overwhelming but today I hope to break it out for you in an easy to follow post. 

I will be using Social Booth which is the program I use on my Photobooth Supply Co booth but the steps in your photo booth software will be similar. 

I will also show you how to set up texting on Mashbooths App for iPad kiosk sharing in another post.

Let's Get Started!

photo booth texting


Twilio is the service that will allow you to text from your tablet. The first step is to visit their website https://www.twilio.com/ and create an account. You can sign up for free but you will need a credit card in order to use the service.

twillio for photo booth texting

Once you have verified that you are in fact, a human. you will be taken to the main page that should look like this. Click on the "Programmable SMS" box 

Now click on "get started"

the first step will be to set up a number. this will be the number that people will see when they receive a text from you. click on "get a number"

twilio will give you a number. you can change this number is you prefer to have one with an area code for your state or province by clicking on "search for a different number". I will stick with this one for now.

Now we are going to test the number to make sure it works. To do this Twilio will send you a text message from your new number. 

Once you receive the text click "yes"

Now you need to upgrade your account to a paid account so you can use the number. in the top right had side click update and enter in your payment info. I set mine to auto recharge every $30.00. 

Last step is to go to the dashboard and copy the account sid and auth token. make sure to clock on the Eye to see the auth token. Copy and past these into an email and email it to yourself. 

Screenshot 2017-05-30 16.46.37.png


In social booth click on your sms tab. Click on "enable sms" and "send via MMS". it is important to click send via mms so that it actually sends a picture rather then a link to the picture. 

Complete each field. enter in your assigned twilio phone number, account sid and auth token. 

in the sms message you can write out the message you want to go with the picture like a hashtag or your web site. 

YAY! you did it!! Now you can have guests text their picture directly from the photo booth.

Let me know if you found this post to be helpful by leaving a comment.